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Subject: Necronomicon
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r_knight 3/13/2007 - 6:11:54
Greets, im rage. M. 24. Sa. Does any1 know what the necromonicon is? Nd whether u think it b a true religion. I studies a lot o religions nd this b 1 o the least promoted *

vampi16 3/15/2007 - 8:26:25
hi,do u by any chance know anglon?hes a knight,t *

emoles 5/30/2007 - 8:10:12
its not a religion hun its a book! *

comrade1 6/9/2007 - 3:49:43
a fantastic book, but a warning, only true followers of darkness should use it, and i dont mean LeVayen Satanists or things like that, only truly dark enlightened *

supergen 16.10.07 - 11:14am
There's a chance the book mite not even exist, its part of the alchemy lore. *

vampyria 15.11.07 - 11:50am
.yes.i've read the necrominicon.x x exists.x x x. *

gothdrag 26.12.07 - 11:21am
Only about 2 or 3 copies still exit ... And i would not trust any internet or other books claiming 2 hold the secrets of the necronomicon the true book is really a dark grimoir bound in human skin ... That is the only thing that could contain the spells inside *

penta 28.12.07 - 07:08pm
The necronomicon was supposedly written by the mad arab abdul sayef but it was written by h.p lovecraft as a basis 4 his books! In his dying testament he admitted it was fake! *

graud 25.10.08 - 10:18am
The latest necronomican commemorative edition is cool. Lovecrafts weird tales the other necronomicons are fake.linda falaro's book shadow tarot gives acsess to lovecraftian aoen tho *

jotrbo 27.10.08 - 07:54am
The myth of it being bound in human skin and written in blood is not true for the skin would rot away and the blood would fade i own that book read it through among other books by alistar crowely *

vampyria 19.01.10 - 11:45am
)O( ...I have the Necronomicon Spellbook of Fifty Names, tis interesting, The Necronomicon gives altar description and layouts thats a wicked read! *

lusypher 25.04.10 - 07:29am
Its an egyptian grimoir called nox arcana necronomicon its an infernal book of the d*mned. A key to the forgotten path. Its an invocation to sumon the enochians of pure evil, through blood rituals. For Azathoth and Dagon. Spells that sumon the night wraths of death. Bringing forth these enochian demons would bring untold destruction to mankind. These was the fallen angels that caused the great war they set fire to the place which the christians called heaven as we know it as Vanhalla. In The viking lore Cthulhu was the high priest of insanity, to the temple of the black pharaoh the one we know as satan. Was sent with the fallen and was imprisoned for all eternity to protect mankind. Theres an old saying Let sleeping dogs lie... lusypher *

aks13ee 24.04.11 - 08:28pm
I believe it is a real religion like Vampyrism. Whoever is normal in the outside world thinks it is not, they should just live with it. *

vrabbitv 15.05.11 - 07:37am
They do exist, I saw a real one at a Sumerian coven-- the real House Pendragon. The book is over a thousand pages and 2x3 feet in size. not for anyone to play with for sure *

anglice 23.03.14 - 11:22am
Yes thats true it is a book but it has been used as a magic for thousands of years belive it or not *

anglice 14.12.14 - 03:22pm
The thing is most of Lovecrafts books are based on fact *

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